Payment methods

Local CZK cash at the end of the tour

Clients usually prefer to pay the tour at the end of the travel service directly to the guide.
We are sorry we do not accept credit cards on the spot. Preferred payment method is cash at the end of your tour. Payments in EUR or USD are accepted. Here are the local CZK currency exchange rates to EUR and USD

PayPal Payment

If you prefer to pay by the PayPal just let us know or click the button “BUY NOW”. Please note that PayPal takes about 3,5 -4% fee from the total amount. You can also make reservation only using BOOK NOW Button.
You will receive: 1) the final calculation, 2) our invoice, 3) the money request from our PayPal service. Please respect this procedure to prevent problems.

All the process usually takes 1-3 days. If you pay ahead, please read the cancelation rules.

Cancelation rules – for non cash payments only

If you pay cash after the tour, there is no need to pay any booking or cancellation fees.

If you decide to pay ahead (via PaPal or sending the money to our account), please respect these rules:

  1. If you decide not to pay cash. We kindly ask you to pay all the agreed price at least 14 days before the arrival date of the clients.
  2. We will provide the travel services only if all the payment will be really present at our account at least 3 days before your arrival. (Bigger groups groups even earlier, depending on the program.)
  3. Following Cancellation Fees will be charged:
    • no booking fees or cancelation fees for the cash payments
    • if cancelled 60-14 days before order realization: 10% of the price will be charged
    • if cancelled 14-5 days before order realization: 20% of the price will be charged
    • if cancelled 4-1 days before order realization: 50% of the price will be charged
    • if cancelled on the day of the order realization: 100% of the price will be charged




Contact person:
Karolina Kortusova Tel: +420 723 069 561
Tereza Tel: +420 774 069 561 – private reservations and groups
Nikola Tel: +420 773 200 202 – group reservations
Email: info@krumlovtours.com



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