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Visit Český Krumlov old town and castle exteriors!
Český Krumlov Old Town & Castle Exteriors

All tours include highlights of the old town and castle exteriors.

Duration of tours ranges from 1 to 4 hours. Tours

Tour guide voice system available for rent. 1 EUR per person. Maximum 120 people.

Book Český Krumlov castle interior and Baroque theatre tours with us!

Spend a day exploring South Bohemia. Take private trip to Trebon, Telc, Slavonice UNESCO sites. Trebon &Telc &Slavonice UNESCO Tour

Wonder through South Bohemia and see its Gems. Gems of South Bohemia

Coming by tourist bus? Busparking
Coming by public bus? RegioJet Your guide meets you at the bus station in Český Krumlov!
Coming by a private car ? Follow signposting for P1, P2 and P3.

Consider yourself to be a smart and responsible traveller supporting local communities?
Think about different concepts. Trust that hiring local licensed guides for fixed prices is right choice.

We look forward to meeting you in person in Český Krumlov, South Bohemia!





Karolina has lived through vibrating times. She grew up in communist times, fought for freedom during Velvet Revolution. University graduate from the Czech Republic and the UK. Karolina is enthusiastic tour guide as well as mother of 3 children. She loves cycling, skiing and yoga.
As the founder of Krumlov Tours, I  have been engaged in private touring services to Český Krumlov since 2001.


Tereza is a charming bright young lady. For more than 5 years, hundreds of visitors have been enjoying her professional personal guide services. Tereza loves history, arts and foreign languages. Apart from being fluent in English, she also speaks French . She is an important member of Krumlov Tours team.
Nothing is a problem for Tereza. She is helpful, knowledgable with a great command of English.


Niki is a true jewel, very patient, helpful, open to explain any questions. She goes beyond clients’ expectations on time and pace. Clients always refer to her tours as being with someone they had known for a long time .
Niki studied aesthetics at University of Brno. She speaks perfect English. She keeps coming back to South East Asia every year to improve her Korean.


Katerina is an artist and a very passionate tour guide. She is the author of Krumlov Tours Logo.
You can see Katerina’s art at

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Escape crowds through wise planning …

Enjoy the magic of uniquely preserved old town. Stroll the crooked streets, relax by the Vltava riverside and admire breathtaking Renaissance frescos at almost 30 buildings of 5 courtyards at the Český Krumlov castle. Have fun - play hide and seek at the Castle Gardens labyrinth!

Experience - Learn - Understand


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